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​​​So how does one get 4 times the muscle growth, 4 times the fat loss, and even increase your metabolism–and that’s just using the nutrition plan.  Don’t forget, you’re also using one of today’s leading workout programs. Imagine what your results can be if you are consistent and follow this step by step system!

embozz addresses three major issues that, in the fitness industry, are not commonly addressed together. However, they are crucial. In order to be at optimal health, all of these must be addressed in your fitness goals. They are:  nutritional depletion, environmental toxicity, and proper exercise (IOR©). We live in a world that is inundated with chemicals that we can’t get away from. To make matters worse, our farmlands have become depleted of nutrients. There is a huge decline in the mineral and vitamin content of fruits and vegetables between 1914 and 1992 (USDA figures).  In other words, the food today doesn’t have the nutrition in it that was there just 50 years ago. Additionally, commercially grown fruits and vegetables contain an average of 72 herbicides and pesticides.  In the case of meat, livestock is injected with steroids, hormones, and antibiotics. All of those things go into our bodies and affect us. In order to protect the body, the liver produces more fat. The fat serves as a storage area for the toxins. The body will resist losing fat until the toxins are first cleansed from the system. Furthermore, if you cut calories when the body is already craving nutrients because of eating from a bankrupt food supply, the body goes into starvation mode and resists fat loss even more. There’s an easy solution: embozz’s recommended nutrition plan

​Here’s the embozz nutrition plan in a nutshell: We load up our body with optimal nutrition, and then we allow the body to do what it naturally does, and that’s cleanse. When you get the toxins out, there is no need for extra fat to store the toxins, and the body can perform to its optimal capacity. Note: You do not have to just use the suggested products and recommended supplement brands. If you already have some, use those, and follow the instructions below.

​Three of the Supplements I want to cover are the recommended meal replacement shakes, the cleanse products (independent/separate), and our FoodieFit Cookbook. The protein in the shakes comes from New Zealand. In New Zealand you cannot inject your cows with hormones, steroids, or antibiotics. They’re only grass fed, and the grass has never been treated. To convert the milk from liquid to powder, it is sent through a fine mister. It is never heated to a boiling point.  In the United States, any product like that has to be pasteurized (boiled). When you heat something to a boiling point, you damage many of the nutrients in it.  The ingredients in the shakes are undenatured. The meal replacement shakes also have 24-36 grams of protein, depending on your choice of shake. They have 18 amino acids, which rebuild our cells. They have a little bit of sugar in them—the right kind of sugar; it comes from beets. In order for the nutients to be delivered to the brain, you want a little bit of sugar. The shakes have a macronutrient ratio of 40-30-30: 40 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent protein, 30 percent fat; this keeps you satisfied longer. The shakes also contain 80 ionic trace minerals which would be hard to find in other shakes on the market. Why do we need minerals? Minerals provide the pathway to the cells. They open up the cell to receive nutrition. Finally, the shakes contain digestive enzymes. The enzymes deliver the nutrition into the cell. You’re packing maximum nutrition into minimal calories. So, if the goal is weight loss, a person can still lose weight. Bottom line: everybody benefits from these nutrients—those trying to lose weight, gain weight (muscle) or just maintain. Good nutrition is important for everyone.

The other item that is import for your success is cleansing. No, it’s not a cleanse where you have to be close to a bathroom. This is a cellular cleansing.  The cleanse is an aloe vera based drink. It’s the aloe from just the heart of the aloe vera, not the leaves. It also has minerals and digestive enzymes. When you drink the cleanse, it promotes the exit of toxins from the body.

Here is the way this meal and cleanse system works.  You have regular days and cleanse days. On a regular day, 2 of your meals are replaced by shakes, while one of your meals is a FoodieFit meal. This would be for individuals wanting to lose weight.  For those wanting to increase or maintain weight (muscle), a regular day would consist of 2 FoodieFit meals and one shake meal. You also will have snacks, as needed, for additional protein.

On a cleanse day, the only thing you consume is the cleanse drink four times throughout the day, while eating our recommended snacks or greens with protein. These snacks keep your blood sugar level. Every 2 hours you’re putting something into your system. Your body is still metabolizing, yet not digesting. You are giving your digestive system a break, and allowing toxins to leave your body.

The next day you fuel up with maximum nutrition again with the shakes and FoodieFit meals. FoodieFit meals are a low-glycemic, 400 to 600 calorie meals. Some people find it beneficial to plan a full week of meals at one time. Consult with your trainer if needed; it’s included in your program.

People might come to me and say, “I want to be really fit and look great. What do I do?” I can put them on exercise routines and help them with their eating, but here’s the big picture: 30 percent of overall health you can manage with exercise. So if you exercise properly four to five days a week, you’re getting that 30 percent. That other 70 percent is diet and rest. And now you have the rest of the equation. When properly utilizing embozz’s Input, Output and Recovery method (IOR©), you can get that fit, sculpted physique fast.


The Most Advanced Nutritional System on the Market

Note: You do not have to just use the suggested products and recommended Supplement brands. If you already have some, use those, and follow the instructions below.

Suggested content of nutrition plan:
NSF certified advanced meal replacement shakes, metabolism accelerators, pre-workouts, cleanses, advanced undenatured whey protein, snacks with 40 times the antioxidants of 2 servings of vegetables, and much more. Add your choice of meals from the included recipe list (Foodiefit cookbook), and you’re on your way. ​

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Regular Day Meal & Nutrition Overview

​Meals option A: Replace 1 conventional meal with one of our recommended meal replacement shakes. For your conventional meals, prepare a healthy, low-glycemic, 400 to 600 calorie meal (Foodiefit Cookbook), but for building muscle consume 2 serving portions.  Most people enjoy a shake for breakfast, and plan conventional meals for lunch and dinner. But you can plan your replacement shake for either breakfast or lunch; it’s your choice.

Meals option B: Fat burning: Replace 2 conventional meals using a recommended meal replacement shake. For your conventional meal, prepare a healthy, low-glycemic, 400 to 600 calorie meal. Most people enjoy a shake for breakfast, plan their meal for lunch, then enjoy another shake for dinner. But you can easily plan your one meal for either dinner of lunch; it’s your choice.

Athlete Tips: You may be thinking that this isn’t enough. Consider increasing your protein intake by adding one serving of our undenatured whey protein for muscle building as a snack between meals, and just after your workout. You can also include our pre-workout drink to enhance your exercises.

Meal Tips:  Plan your low-glycemic, 400 to 600 calorie meals in advance.  Some people find it beneficial to plan a full week of meals at one time. See Meal Plan List included in your embozz recipe book.k. You may rearrange the order of these items according to your schedule. Here is a sample nutrient breakdown for one day:

Wake up:  Drink one 1 oz adaptogen shot and an 8 oz glass of water + take natural accelerator capsule (1 in morning and 1 in the afternoon).

Breakfast, 1 hour later: meal replacement shake (Voted #1 by Trainers). Choose 1 of the 2 choices below.
FAT BURNING Shake (see video)
BODY BUILDING – Athlete’s High Protein Shake (see video)

Drink enough water throughout the day (about 80 oz total or more as needed).

2 snacks a day: one mid-morning and one mid-afternoon
Advanced snack – 30 cal. (See video)
Advanced greens – 30 cal. (See videos)

Lunch and Diner: Select meal option A or B above.


(see below)

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Cleanse Day Overview

During a day of intermittent fasting (or a cleanse day), the body attempts to conserve muscle and increase the use of fat as fuel by increasing growth hormone.

Our custom cleanse days do more than just help you lose weight and retain muscle. As science has shown, a cleanse benefits aspects of the entire body, helping it to reset and restore. By including our cleanse days in your lifestyle, you are committing to living healthier and longer.

Conserves muscle
Increases growth hormone
Controls weight
Resets food cravings
Resets insulin sensitivity
Protects the brain

This system is a groundbreaking path to healthy muscle gains and fat loss, and is designed to gently rid the body of potentially harmful impurities. At the same time, the body is being infused with essential vitamins, botanicals and other natural ingredients to help shed pounds naturally without the use of laxatives, stimulants or diuretics.

(Cellular cleaning – Not the type of cleanse where you have to be close to the bathroom)

Cleanse #1 (Breakfast)

  • 4 oz serving of cleanse with 8 oz of purified water

  • 1 Advanced natural accelerator capsule

  • 1 Serving of adaptogen shot with water

Morning Snack

  • 1 serving of advanced snack, or

  • 1 serving of advanced greens

Cleanse #2 (Late Morning)
4 oz serving of cleanse with at least 8 oz of purified water

Afternoon Snack

  • Drink 1-3 glasses of purified water

  • 1 Advanced natural accelerator capsule

  • Optional: Advanced snack or greens

Cleanse #3 (Late Afternoon)

  • 4 oz serving of cleanse with at least 8 oz of purified water

Evening Snack

  • Optional: 1 Serving of advance snacks or greens

  • 1-3 glasses of water

Cleanse #4 (Dinner)

  • 4 oz serving of cleanse with 8 oz of purified water

  • 1 Flush capsule

Optional snack: ¼ apple or pear as needed for healthy blood sugar control

Have your nutritional system customized specifically to fit your needs. Reach your goals faster utilizing the tools and supplements that will help your health skyrocket. Average daily cost: $2 – $12, depending on your choices and needs. Supplements etc. are independent/separate. Schedule a time to have a trainer call you back. It’s included in your plan.​

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