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 Get More Done by Working Smarter

 an Online Course

In today’s world the feeling of overwhelm is epidemic. We’re all working faster, pushing harder, and trying to get more done in less time. But more often than not, we end each day discouraged and wondering how we’ll ever keep up. In this 4-part course you’ll learn the brain-based secrets that the world’s most productive and influential people use every day to stay focused, get more done, have more and better ideas, and end the day recharged rather than depleted.

This course includes:

  • Four 60-minute video sessions taught by brain science and behavior change expert, James Garrett
  • Four audio recordings of those sessions so you can listen or review on the go
  • Four exercises to help you immediately apply what you’re learning
  • Four curated reading lists to show you where the science comes from and where you can go to learn more

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