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Bring the Science of Happiness to Life

an Online Course

With stress and overwhelm at all-time highs, it often feels that happiness is elusive. How can we find it? And hold onto it once we feel it? It’s often far easier than we think! In this eye-opening 4-part course you’ll learn all about the transformative science of happiness—and how to apply it in your life today to start accessing joy, hardwiring happiness, and bringing a myriad of associated positive benefits into your life.

This course includes:

  • Four 60-minute video sessions taught by brain science and behavior change expert, James Garrett
  • Four audio recordings of those sessions so you can listen or review on the go
  • Four exercises to help you immediately apply what you’re learning
  • Four curated reading lists to show you where the science comes from and where you can go to learn more

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