Your customers receive your apparel within 2-5 days. We make & ship all your store orders. One time small setup fee, no other upfront or ongoing costs, just profits.

  • No bulk orders necessary
  • No minimum orders required
  • No inventory
  • Option to personalize apparel with names
  • Your own private member page

You Get The Profits

Example: Someone buys a shirt from your store for $17.95.  The shirt has a print on the front, back and sleeve with multiple colors.  We make it and ship it for you. The production cost for one shirt is $12.81, that gives you a profit of  $5.14 (29%). You can increase your sales as fast and as much as you want, because you don’t have to worry about production costs and inventory; we handle that. None of the headache, just the profits. Note: You can also set your product prices higher to increase your profit margins.

Back Office

View every order by logging into your secure office.

  • Access all your stores data.
  • View Product options
  • View your margins
  • Easy to upload new designs or ideas
  • Team of experts will take care of the rest


Simply add your stores link on your website… It’s that easy.