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SKYROCKETING YOUR RESULT: ​​When a rocket blasts off into space, its trajectory is important. If the trajectory is off by even 1 degree at the time of blastoff, the rocket will be miles off course when it gets into space, and will not reach its destination. Similarly, if you set your trajectory properly as you begin this workout program, you will be sure to reach your workout goals. In order to do this, there are 3 principles that will keep your trajectory on target as you rocket your way through this program: input, output, and recovery (IOR©).


​MENTAL: The story goes that a man who was at the beach saw someone catching crabs and putting them into a basket. He noticed that even though no lid was on the basket, the crabs never climbed out. He drew near the basket and looked in. Anytime a crab climbed up to the edge of the basket, the other crabs reached up and pulled it back down. This is known as the crab mentality. If only one crab were in the basket, it could easily climb out. In the same way, you as an individual have the potential to reach your goals. However, oftentimes, other people end up holding you back. This is just a natural phenomenon, and not necessarily a conscious attempt by others to thwart your progress. People just perceive things based on their own limited knowledge and experience: “Oh, I tried a workout program, and it didn’t work.” “I tried an eating system, but it didn’t help.” It’s not that other people can’t support and help motivate you, because they certainly can. However, you alone are ultimately responsible for your success. Therefore, find the workout circumstances that best allow you to accomplish your objectives. This typically means getting yourself to the gym and focusing on your workout. It’s nice occasionally for someone to accompany you to the gym and bring a new energy to your workout, but what often works best is working out alone. If you are wanting to lose 20 pounds, or you are wanting to gain 20 pounds of lean muscle, or you are preparing for an athletic event, you are the one responsible to do it. No one else can do it for you. This is the most important concept of this whole program. The evidence that you have the power and potential to succeed is your purchase of this program! You believed you could reach your goal, and you made that first step. You will need to continue that mental input throughout this program. Believing you can do it is the key.

Included in mental input is conditioning—mental conditioning. This refers to how we condition ourselves to do things. If I think I can run a 4 minute mile, and I try for it, and I believe I can, I will run a 4 minute mile. If I don’t think I can, I won’t. For a long time, no one ever ran a mile in less than 4 minutes. It was an unachievable thing that no one could do. Not long after someone finally did it, several other people also did it. This is because the others understood and believed that they could. This illustrates how we condition ourselves to do things. Another example of this is an experiment involving fleas in a jar. Researchers put some fleas in a jar, with a microphone near the lid. You could hear the fleas hit the lid each time they jumped. After a while, you could still see the fleas jumping, but no sound came from the lid. The lid was removed, and you could see the fleas jumping just high enough to avoid hitting the lid. They continued doing this, and never jumped out. They had conditioned themselves to jump only so high. Not only that, their offspring also only jumped to the same height, and never left the jar. Because we are humans instead of fleas, we have the awareness and ability to change our conditioning. Nevertheless, it is a conscious decision that we must willingly make. You have to believe that if you follow this workout program, you will achieve the desired results. Not only must you believe it, you also must condition yourself by getting to the gym. You also condition yourself by being around other people who are working toward fitness, many of whom have already achieved it. Your conditioning will automatically work for you, and you will reach your goals.

One of the first challenges you are likely to encounter when first going to the gym is that you feel out of place. You may feel nervous, anxious, out of shape, and awed by how some people are in such great shape. That’s understandable! That’s how I felt the first several times I went to the gym. This is because you have conditioned yourself to feel like this. Don’t! In fact, you belong there, it’s your domain, too. One thing that can help is to observe what people are wearing the first few times you go to the gym. Then go buy a gym outfit that helps you feel good about how you look. Take good care of it, and only wear it at the gym. Now, here is why gym workouts are the best workouts: everyone there has the same goal. Everyone there is fit conscious. When I see someone at the gym who is quite overweight, I think, “Awesome! Good for them! They are here at the gym. They are doing something about their fitness level. We both have that in common. ” This is similar to the first few weeks of school. You are nervous. Then you get more comfortable. Everyone around you is studying and trying to better themselves through education. With regard to your fitness, your number one goal is to just get to the gym. Just show up! Something you could try is to go to the gym, do one set of reps at a machine, then leave. I dare you! The idea is to condition yourself to show up at the gym, over and over. Conditioning.

Weight Loss Perspective:

Those who have been trying to lose weight for a number of years may hit a wall when in the first or second week of this workout program. If you have been trying to lose weight for 5 years, it may now seem like you have been trying to lose weight for 5 years and 2 weeks. Not so! It has only been 2 weeks. You may feel overwhelmed, and may be worried that this program will be another failure in a long string of weight loss failures. Be positive and enduring at this point, and remind yourself that you are a new and improved person now, and that you are on journey of success that must be travelled one step at a time.  As you remember that success comes to those who stick with a well-designed program, you can stay motivated and confident through each day of your plan.


This program includes a meal plan with nutritional supplement recommendations. Also included is a consultation with a personal trainer. We would be glad to assist you in customizing an order for advanced supplement systems and other products. The systems that embozz utilizes have been third party verified. They have also been shown to produce four times the muscle growth, four times the fat loss, double the increase in your metabolism, and double the toxins released. Read it and set up a nutritional plan to match your goals. Factors include whether you want to lose weight or gain weight, and what percent body fat you have.


“Leave your past behind. You are the future.” If you are overweight, that is just your past. Today, you are the future. What’s inside of you now is what matters, and working on your goals

embozz workouts are designed for you to access online or using your free embozz App, so that you can look at them while working out. It is a complete workout plan, with step by step instructions for each day. They are useful for anyone, including athletes, bodybuilders, beginners, and those who want to lose weight or sculpt their bodies. Created by Jeff Fischer, this program contains 12 customized workouts with 36 variations. It is designed to allow you to tailor your workout method to meet your specific needs and goals. It incorporates customized weight training, cardio exercises, ab workouts, and so forth. You may include exercise classes, yoga, plyometrics, and the so forth on certain indicated days. You will get a workout calendar with daily workouts, as well as access to a personal trainer to help you with any questions.

Women may worry about getting big muscles and looking like a man. Because of naturally low testosterone levels and female bone structure, this is unlikely. Moreover, if women remember to follow the workouts designed to sculpt muscle tissue rather than build it, they will continue to look feminine.

We recommend using a gym to do your workouts. This not only for the mental reasons mentioned above, but because of the equipment available there. Each apparatus at the gym is designed to work a specific muscle group. You would have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to have this at home. Your best workouts can be accomplished using the wide array of equipment available at the gym.

You’re excited, you’re at the gym, and you open your plan on your phone. People have no idea what you’re looking at. They just think you’re listening to music or texting. You can be confident knowing that you are warming up correctly, utilizing the right exercises, and most importantly, doing them in the correct sequence.

The first step is to read through this guide as you are now doing. When you begin the workout plan, you will notice that the exercises begin with the larger muscles in each region of the body. For example, if the region is the back, the exercises will first work the lats (latissimus dorsi muscles), which are the largest muscles in that region. Then, you will work the smaller supportive muscles afterward. This allows your muscles to get a full workout, with no muscles left out. One great design quality of the embozz program is that it builds momentum and allows your body to work for you. In other words, after your back region workout on day 1 (lats and biceps), you will let those muscle rest for a few days. During that rest period, the muscles are burning calories as they rebuild. On day 2, you will work a different region (legs and abs). We have spaced the workouts so that your body has appropriate time to recover. Each week the workout changes. This is what we mean by momentum: you are building muscle, you are burning calories, and we give the muscles time to recover. This momentum is crucial.  By the time you reach the 2nd and 3rd week of the program, your body has shifted gears and is starting to change: you start shedding body fat; you become more lean and toned; and you start to build muscle. This is because your body is working for you, instead of you pushing against your body. It’s like pushing a car that is in neutral. If you stand behind it and push, it is very hard to get it going. However, once it is moving and has some momentum, you can get a lot of distance out of it. This program is designed to take advantage of your body’s momentum. With proper spacing between exercises and with proper nutrition, you are working smarter, not harder, to get the maximum results from the work you do.

Basically, the IOR chart above illustrates that when you work out on Monday, your body will not only burn calories because of that specific workout, but it also burns calories for 48 hours thereafter. This is called EPOC.  This occurs because your body needs energy to repair those specific muscles groups after you’ve worked them in the gym. Tuesday comes around, and you work out again.  Not only are you still burning and building because of Monday, your body also has Tuesday’s workout added to the equation. You now have 2 major muscle groups burning and building in the background. Wednesdays are rest and recovery days. Believe it or not, you are still burning fat and building muscle even though you are not working out that day. The embozz system utilizes this and allows your body to recover and build lean muscle. At the same time, the program continues to challenge the rest of your body, building momentum for muscle building and fat burning. It’s the perfect balance of Input, Output and Recovery (IOR). The system is designed to aid your body in building momentum utilizing its natural processes, while at the same time maximizing its potential.

For each exercise, there are 3 variations: moderate, difficult, and advanced. If the gym doesn’t have the piece of equipment for your variation, you may have to switch to a different piece of equipment and do a different variation for that exercise. Your first time through the program, find each piece of equipment and see what the best amount of weight is for you there. Then do only 1 set of reps (repetitions) with that equipment. If you do more than 1 set of reps during the first days of the program, you will be too sore to continue. Remember that we are building momentum. By the end of the first week, your body is going to feel it. You will recognize what this program just did for you, and the momentum that it will build. If you are someone who has already been lifting, then you might start with more sets of reps. Overall, be patient and let this system work for you.

If you want increased muscle bulk, use more weight and fewer repetitions. For leaner, sculpted muscle, use less weight and more repetitions. The first several days on the program, it is wise to use less weight until you acquire strength to handle more. In time, you will go from one set of reps to 3 sets at each exercise. Consistency in showing up at the gym is vital.

What to expect within your daily workout?

​​Each day will specify how may exercises you will be doing.  On average there are about 8 per day. For each exercise, you will have three different choices: Moderate (green), difficult (orange), or advanced (red).  Each exercise is targeted for that specific muscle.  You will select one exercise from each grouping, then advance to the next grouping. Choose the color that best fits your needs and record your workout using the tracking form.  The most important week you need to track is your first week.  That way when you are done with the program and start up again, the next week you can compare results and see your improvements. See example below

This copyrighted system is designed not only to allow you to customize it to your needs, but also to educate you at the same time.  With each exercise, there are 3 variations from which to choose, resulting in hundreds of choices over the whole program. As you advance through the program, you will become acquainted with the exercise variations for each region of the body. You can then choose those variations that challenge and strengthen your particular body in the best ways. THIS SYSTEM IS COPYRIGHTED AND CANNOT BE DUPLICATED OR REPRODUCED FOR ANY REASON.

Example: Exercise # 1 – Select one exercise and then advance to the next grouping.

A Big Question:

How much resistance or weight do I use during my workout? Tracking your progress is important. You should always make goals and strive for them, but don’t stress out about tracking every workout. Try to record at least your first week. Once you’ve completed your 45-day plan, start again and track that first week once again. Compare the two at that time. Your objective is SELF-EVALUTATION and PERSONAL MOTIVATION. Always push yourself, but be sure to listen to your body. Some weeks your body will talk to you and say, “Do less.” Some days it will say, “Do more”. Your primary focus is to listen to your body. The last rep of each set should be difficult and challenging. As you progress, each week you will start to remember the weight and reps for each exercise. Your brain is another muscle that is getting a workout. Remembering your weight and reps will become second nature, so give it time.  Your mind and body are the best at what they do. Listen to your body and let your mind do the work. Be consistent and set goals. Push yourself so that each exercise challenges you.  If you get through the first week and don’t feel like it is challenging enough, you may need to increase the weight or change up your reps. You must challenge yourself and push the envelope. If you push yourself and make each set a challenging one, you will see and feel the difference. Your fitness goals will become a reality.

Week One

If this is your first time using the program, complete only ONE of the three sets indicated for each exercise. You don’t want to get too sore your first week. This phase of the program is about getting your muscles fine-tuned and getting your lungs to work more efficiently.
​Choose the number of reps that best fits your goals.

  • 3 sets of 4-6 reps = BIG MUSCLES
  • 3 sets of 8-12 reps = STRONG MUSCLES
  • 3 Sets of 12-15 reps = DEFINED MUSCLES

Example: You do 25 pushups. That would be one set with 25 repetitions (reps)

Goals for your first week:

  • ​Determine the weight and reps for all 8 exercises and write them down. Get familiar with your gym and the equipment available.

  • This week, focus on stretching out each muscle group, taking deep breaths and exhaling after each rep. It is your lungs that are responsible for releasing over 84% of fat. Work smarter, not harder.

Warming-up before each workout​ – The correct way

Your nervous system is very good at what it does and will find patterns in your actions. Jumping on a treadmill or pedaling for 5-10 minutes before your workout is not the correct way to warm-up.  Don’t waste the glycogens (stored energy) on something that is not target to your workout for the day.  If you’re doing a back workout, you will select your first exercise and do half of what you would normally do for that exercise for a warm-up. Example: Your first exercise is a lat-pull down (back).  If you normally would do 100 pounds at 10 reps, then before starting the workout and your first three sets, you would warm up by doing 50 pounds at 5 reps, twice. Your warm up reps should have a consistent tempo, about 2-3 seconds down, and 2-3 seconds up. This will increase the blood flow to the targeted muscle group, and is extremely beneficial to your workout. Once you have finished and you are warmed up, begin your first exercise and coinciding sets. Warm-up sets vary depending on work load and should be relative to the muscle group being targeted. As a general rule more warm-up sets are required for heavier loads. Fewer warm-up sets for lighter loads.

​On certain days you will be doing cardio exercises after you lift. Why?

There are great benefits in doing a little cardio after weights.  The reason is that weight lifting doesn’t deplete your glycogen stores. By doing weight-training first, you can burn the majority of glycogen stores. Knocking out your cardio afterward will burn even more fat!

Week Three: we change things up a bit.

We know that using high reps increases your muscular endurance. Using low repetitions increases your power and strength. By using moderate repetitions (8-12), you are training to achieve muscular growth or hypertrophy. This week you are going to challenge your muscles and maximize your strength and endurance. By mixing up your workout, your fitness level will skyrocket and you will be prepared for next week. Please notice this week’s repetition changes below.
Choose the reps that best fit your goals.

  • 3 Sets of 15-25 reps ​= STRENGTH & ENDURANCE

Be sure to follow the instructions for each week.
Each week there are a few exercise routines that are changed-up.  This is intentional. We don’t want your body to get too comfortable.  These small but affective change-ups will increase your positive results, allow for maximum productivity, and get you ready for the next week to come.


There are 6 points to remember for good recovery:

1.       Hydration. Consistently drink enough water. Drink at least 80 ounces of water per day–more if you are large or working out very hard. If you start getting headaches once you have started the program, it could be from caffeine withdrawal. Another reason could be dehydration. Your body needs water to build and tone muscles. First and foremost, check with your healthcare provider if you experience headaches. When you start this program, weigh yourself and figure out your body fat percentage. Do not recheck these measurements until the end of the program. If you are on a 31 day program, don’t weigh yourself again until day 32. The reason is that your body’s natural response to working out is to retain water. It is called bloating. So during your first 2 weeks on the program, your body is going to hold weight. You may be tricked into thinking that your body has already built lots of muscle, or that you are not losing weight as you had hoped. Your body is doing what it is supposed to do: retaining water to build muscle. However, your program is designed so that by the end of your selected workout days, it will be revealed how sculpted your body really is becoming. The end of a workout program (45 days or whatever) is also a good time to compare the numbers on your daily workout sheet. You can see how much stronger you have become as you compare the weights and reps from the beginning to the end.

2.       Nutrition. Engage in healthy eating and nutritional supplementation.

3.       Posture. Focus on maintaining good posture. Now that you are working and shaping your muscles, you want them formed into the proper shape. Otherwise, you will turn out to be an awkward looking person. All throughout the day, be aware of your posture.

4.       Stretching.

5.       Sleep. Just as important as working out is getting adequate sleep. If you have embarked on this program, set a sleeping schedule and stick to it. With adequate sleep we have less pain, less inflammation, less injury, better mood, stronger immunity, better memory, and other benefits.

6.       Breathing. Deep breathing–my personal favorite. 84% of fat loss occurs through the lungs. Put another way, if you follow the atoms in 10 kilograms of fat as they are “lost”, 8.4 of those kilograms are exhaled as carbon dioxide through the lungs. The remaining 1.6 kilograms becomes water, which may be excreted in urine, feces, sweat, breath, tears and other bodily fluids. During your workout, inhale as you begin a repetition; then exhale as you finish the rep. Every time you finish 3 sets, take a deep breath and get those lungs working. Especially during the first 2 weeks of the program, you should constantly remember deep breathing during your workouts. If you want to lose weight, this is very helpful. Remember deep breathing at the end of your workouts, and even on your recovery days when you are resting. Breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth.  Open up that chest cavity. After lifting or after cardio, sit down and deep breathe for 2 minutes to get oxygen into your muscles. Work smarter, not harder. It maximizes your results.